The Red Car Museum

Red Car Museum inside an authentic Pacific Electric Right of Way. Car No. 1734 is a rare Pacific Electric tower car built in 1925. It was once a roving machine shop sent out to troubleshoot problems along the 40-mile Pacific Electric LA-Newport Line. The Red Car in Seal Beach is not a large museum by any means. Nevertheless, we rank it as one of our favorite Saturday afternoon haunts along with Rancho Los Alamitos and Los Cerritos in Long Beach. In the Red Car, guests are invited to sit and watch a video documenting the Red Car ride would have been like during its operations between 1904 and 1950s or close to it.

The volunteer staff and curator or outstanding in their enthusiasm and willingness to share time and stories, explain memorabilia and and help guests. Some of the interesting signs, tickets, pins, pictures and other items in the museum are donated from folks who have a collection of items relevant to the museum such as actual tickets, hats, pins, etc.

From match folders, poker chips, a bingo set and cards that were used at the Airport Club in Seal Beach, known later as Glider Inn and now Mahe, to sterling silver service from the Jewell Cafe that stood at the foot of the Seal Beach Pier near the amusement rides and attractions, the collectible items are interesting enough to draw in the guest to discover that such things existed.

The museum  displays photographs of early Seal Beach, sea shells and Indian artifacts collected locally. It also has reference library of local history with detailed regional maps.  Open the second and fourth Saturdays from Noon to 3 p.m., the museum provides the most comprehensive look into the history of Seal Beach. Donations are accepted. Call: (562) 683-1874.

Location: Electric Avenue near Main St., next to Mary Wilson Library.